The Rice Lake Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors created and sent a questionnaire to all the City Council Candidates. We would like to share with you their responses to help you make your decision when voting in April.

We asked the candidates to respond to the following questions:

1. Why are you seeking the position of City Council member?
2.What can the City do to encourage existing business growth and attract new businesses?
3. What can the City do to attract a viable new workforce?
4. What will be your top 3 priorities for the City of Rice Lake this year?

Below are the responses we received:

District 1:
Keith Moffat – Keith’s responses
Bruce Willers – no response

District 2:
Gina Sookiayak – Gina’s response
Robert Brueggen – no response

District 3:
Harlan Dodge – no response

District 4:
Doug Edwardsen – Doug’s response
James Muller – no response
Follow this link to the responses.