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Holster Drawing Qualification Session

There are several critical skills you must learn while carrying a handgun for defensive purposes. One of the most important skills is the “presentation” or drawing of the handgun from a holster. Drawing the handgun must be completed in a swift, safe, and efficient manner. After the need of the handgun has passed, you must also be able to re-holster the handgun safely. Drawing and re-holstering the handgun are two of the most hazardous processes involved while using a handgun. Come and join us to learn how to draw and re-holster your handgun safely and efficiently and become certified to draw your handgun from a holster while practicing on our range.

What you will need for class:

  • Firearm
  • Holster

Holster Requirements:

  • Strong side or appendix holsters ONLY (inside or outside the waistband)
  • Inside the waistband holsters must be constructed of kydex or formed leather.
  • NO hybrid or soft-sided collapsible holsters allowed.
  • NO cross draw, shoulder, ankle, or small-of-the-back holsters allowed

Session available Fridays at 5:30PM

Price: Free

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