The following questions were sent out to all Rice Lake Board of Education Candidates.

1.   What is a school board member’s role and responsibility? How does that role differ from the role of the superintendent or administration?

2.   What Makes you the best candidate for the Rice Lake Area School District Board of Education? What experience, knowledge or special skills do you possess that will make you a unique addition to the Board?

3.   What issues do you believe your district needs to address in its academic program and offerings? What changes would you recommend?

4.   What is one thing about the Rice Lake Area School District that you would like to work to improve?

5.   Do you have specific suggestions for improvement?

6.   What is the best way to address differences of opinion on the Board or between the Board and the Administration?

Please click on each name to see their responses

Dianne Koser

Gerry Miller

Linda Tollefsrud

Miriam Vavra

Phil Henkel

Vanessa Aspseter-Hellstern