The Rice Lake Chamber Member of the Month for September is Liberty Medicare Advisors. Kim Sikorski, owner, has been licensed in insurance since 2008 and is Medicare certified. She specializes in Medicare, as that is where she found her passion. Her husband, Dan, has been licensed in life insurance for 10+ years.

Kim, originally from Chicago and Dan, from Park Ridge, Illinois met 28 years ago when they both worked in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. Dan was a commodities trader and Kim worked at a retail cash trading desk, where she was his client. Once they were married, she left the desk and worked in the Pit with Dan. Kim, at that time, was one of the very few women who worked in the Pit at the Exchange.

Kim and Dan have been married for 26 years on August 24th and have worked together since the day they met. They owned a summer home in Birchwood and fell in love with the area. They eventually moved up here permanently 4 years ago. Until 2 years ago, they worked virtually, when Dan decided he wanted to have a local presence in Rice Lake.

Kim and Dan work with people turning 65 and people new to Medicare due to working past age 65. They also help people with Medicare that become eligible due to disability.  They help their clients with the entire process of enrolling in Medicare, plan selection and annual reviews. Their services are always at no cost to the client. They also offer their clients a quarterly newsletter, quarterly magazine, informational postcards, Christmas cards and birthday cards. They really care about their clients!

Something really cool is that Kim has even written 2 books! Her first book Navigating the Medicare Maze: A Simple Guide to Medicare is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. Her second book “Behind the Cheddar Curtain…A Cheesehead’s Guide to Navigating the Medicare Maze” is set to release on Amazon and Kindle by the middle of September. You can get a PDF copy by giving them a call.

Kim and Dan have been very generous with the Chamber, and we are thankful to have Liberty Medicare Advisors as a member!